New single 'Lovers Leap (Coast of Clare)' is finally here!

By David Hope

New single 'Lovers Leap (Coast of Clare)' is finally here!

Hi folks, I am delighted to announce that I am releasing new music! I'm really happy to formally announce that the first single from my new album will be released on the 11th of June 2021. I can’t wait for you all to hear it. The single is called 'Lover's Leap (Coast of Clare)'.

Link to buy, pre-save and stream here. 

'Lover's Leap (Coast of Clare)' was written after a visit to Loophead Lighthouse in Kilbaha, County Clare. The Loop Head Peninsula is a stunning part of the world. It was a beautiful day and the whole coastline was sparkling. While it may sound like a terrible cliché, I couldn't help but be inspired. What can I say I’m a soppy singer songwriter! 

As I say in the song: “My eyes opened wide and I saw with pride, what I’d loved for so long, so wild and so strong”. 

I’ve always loved the coastline of Clare and I’m very proud to be from such a beautiful place, however, I’ve never quite found the words or way of expressing that in a song before. I’ve woven some myths and legends into the song as well as some memories of fallen friends.

It was recorded at Monique Studios, Midleton Co. Cork between July 2019 - February 2020. I was really happy to work with Christian Best again - Christian has produced and engineered both the single and the new album. The track was mastered by Grammy nominated mixing and mastering engineer, Philip Shaw Bova.

I was lucky to work with some fantastic musicians and friends again - Stefanie Hess (Musique en Route / Silberbüx), Kealan Kenny (Sarah Ryan / Toucan) and Christian Best (Mick Flannery). 

These musicians and friends were outstanding in their respective contributions to this track and the album as a whole. As the old saying goes: 'You’re only as strong as your weakest member" and I have no problem in saying that that was me! 

I was delighted to invite my good friend, Steffi Hess, over from Switzerland to come and join me on this album. Steffi and I have played together many times, mostly in Switzerland. Steffi is a classically trained Double Bass player and has played with many artists across Europe. 

Kealan Kenny is an Irish guitarist and pedal steel player from Cork. Kealan lent his talents to many Irish artists over the last while and I was delighted to have him to join me on this album. Kealan plays electric guitar and slide on a number of tracks, including on 'Lover's Leap (Coast of Clare)'.

I somehow managed to convince Christian Best to once again add his talents on drums and percussion.  Christian and I have worked together previously on my last album 'Tough Love' in 2016. In addition to being an exceptional musician and engineer, Christian's other great talent lies in his ability as a producer to make you feel relaxed to get the best out of yourself as a performer. It was a real pleasure to dive a little deeper than we perhaps did on the previous album to really to get into the heart of the songs that I brought to the studio for this album. Both 'Lover's Leap (Coast of Clare)' and the rest of the album have a sound to them that really holds them all together as an 'Album' which I’m very proud of. 

Both Kealan and Steffi really brought their unique creativity to all the tracks on the album and 'Lover's Leap (Coast of Clare)' really shows that really well, Christian laid down a beat and texture that really allowed Steffi, Kealan and I to float on top of and create a feeling of being out there on the coast looking out at the Atlantic and breathing in the wilderness. 

All the tracks were put down live in the studio, apart from the final vocal takes which really help capture a vibe and energy on the recordings that I really love and which I hope you will love too. 

The single artwork was the last element of the release but ultimately a vital component. The image is a photograph by Clare photographer and videographer, Frank Cosgrove. Frank and I collaborated to create something that visually captures what ‘Lovers Leap (Coast of Clare)’ means. Graphic design is by Rhino Print in Kinsale. 

I’ll come back in another blogpost soon with a bit of a deeper look into some other tracks and the album overall but for now I really hope you enjoy this first taste off the new album. 

As always, thank you all so much for your continued support. 


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